Peace of Mind

Our lives outside Medicine can fortify and enrich us.  We invite readers to submit their “extracurricular” creativity to decorate our scientific offerings.

Phil Cozzi is an award-winning physician-poet who offered to get us going.

True, I am not handsome.
My pectorals are missing.
I too have a bald spot
And rarely stand up straight
Have fumbled many footballs
Certainly would have fumbled the gun
Just as Fredo did as his father
Palpated vegetables for soft spots.
Francesca, recently college-returned, remarks
“Dad, you are like Fredo.  Don’t worry,
Every family needs a Fredo.”
We are in the front seat of the Ford
Escape, in front of my father’s brick bungalow
In south Oak Park and new-found respect
For Fredo wells up to challenge me
To remove my father’s orthotics more
Lovingly and hold his paralyzed feet
In cupped hands like precious vulnerabilities.

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